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Why do we like wheatgrass so much?

It has a wide range of positive effects on the overall operation of the body through its active ingredients, it’s place on the list of the so called superfoods is well deserved. Read the detailed benefits here>

What is spelt?

Heard about wheatgrass before but you have no idea what spelt is or why is it so much better than common wheat? Read it here>

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“Agi’s freshly juiced wheatgrass is conveniently delivered frozen in shot size little containers making it very easy to get your daily dose of green goodness. The wheatgrass is grown outside in a clean, natural environment which helps maximise the nutrient levels. Unlike some wheatgrass juices Agi’s wheatgrass is very palatable without any strange aftertaste. I have even managed to get my husband to have it every morning which helps act as an insurance policy against any poor food choices he might make later in the day.” Sue Davis, Resident Naturpath – Lifehouse Spa & Hotel
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Minerals in Wheatgrass Juice

We know, that vitamins are fundamental to us and that they cannot be utilized without the minerals. Let’s investigate the effects that some of the minerals found in wheatgrass juice can do for us. Out of many minerals the most important ones are Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium, Selenium and Zinc.

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Have you heard of wheatgrass but never tried it before? Or you did but were not satisfied with what you got? Come along to our free tasting days and taste our sweet and tasty version of wheatgrass juice grown outdoors in Holland-on-Sea with organic spelt seeds:

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Vitamins in wheatgrass – Why do we need vitamins – Part 2

This is the second part of our article about vitamins. Part 1 was to explain in how vitamins and minerals work in general. In this second part – without exhausting the topic fully – we will concentrate on the vitamins found in spelt grass juice and what these vitamins are proven to do in your body. So we are going to talk about Vitamin A , B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7(H), B12, B17, C, D, E and Vitamin K.

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Spelt vs. wheatgrass

Do you know the diffrences in-between spelt and wheat? Did you know that most people with gluten sensitivity react to spelt flour a lot better? How comes this grain had been forgotten?

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Welcome to our new blog

Our product is chosen by health-conscious consumers serious about maintaining good health and increasing their nutrition intake from natural sources.

With our spelt grass juice you can:

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